Fitness is more fun with friends

The FitGrid Class app is an all-new fitness social network. Now you can find your new favorite virtual and in-studio classes, and also connect with friends, classmates, and instructors.

Stay Connected to Your Classmates.

Instagram is for friends, Facebook is for family, FitGrid is for classmates. We can’t always be in the same room, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work out together. Message a friend so they can join you at your next class, or check-in with your instructor about your form.

Find virtual & in-studio classes you love

Leverage our AI-powered recommendation engine to find and manage your classes in one place. Get notifications when classes go live, friends sign up for classes, or a class is changed/canceled.

Sort by your friends’ favorite instructors and workouts

Tap into your friends’ fitness routines, discover which classes they’re taking, and find the ones you like best.

Connect with friends, classmates, and instructors

Message a friend to let them know you’ll be working out with them at home or check-in with your instructor about your form.

Let your instructors know about your pains or injuries

Build and customize your profile to alert instructors of your pains or injuries, share photos, and set your goals so they can tailor their classes to your needs.

Track fitness goals and earn rewards

Automatically track your workouts and classes in one place. Get free class reward points for every class you take!

“FitGrid is great, it helps me keep in touch with all my favorite classes and discover new ones”

Cassandra, California